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Value Added Services

Value-added services are those which complement and enhance warehousing, transportation, and logistics offerings.

WestOne value added services provide solutions that go beyond the basic warehousing and transportation services that come to mind when companies look to outsource logistics. WestOne value added logistics services include:

Custom Crating

The Yellowstone Warehouse has a complete, fully equipped wood shop to build custom crates for shipping, long term storage of irregular or sensitive items or build to order crates for any related purpose.

Kitting & Final Assembly

WestOne can provide a variety of kitting & assembly services aimed at improving timeliness, production costs, and order processing.  WestOne can perform both stock kitting services (off the shelf) where kits are assembled from mass produced items kept in inventory and on demand kitting services where kits are assembled as orders are presented.

Poly-bagging & Shrink Wrapping

Other value added services WestOne can provide are bundle pack shrink-wrapping and onsite product poly bagging. This allows for mass customization of orders as well as the ability to produce and fulfill customer orders on demand.


Pick/Pack service entails breaking a pallet of cases and shipping individual cases to fulfill individual orders. This can also entail picking individual items (packs or inner packs) from cases for orders and build new cartons, packs, or pallets to meet Customer requirements.


WestOne offers mass application services for customer supplied or WestOne generated labels in addition to or separate from our other value added offerings.


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